$100 Activist Gift Bundle

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Gift bundles perfect for the Activist in your life! These bundles feature some of our most popular activism themed products & are available at 4 price points, making them great for any budget. A portion of the proceeds for these gift bundles will be donated to organizations dedicated to fighting racial injustice. 

$100 Bundle Includes:
- 8x10 Silence Doesn't Change the World Art Print
- Silence Sticker
- I March For ____ Greeting Card
- Keep Going Notes Notepad
- BLM Fists Sticker
- Strong as Hell #1 Greeting Card
- AOC Inspired Sticker Sheet
- Single Rose Sticker
- 8x10 BLM Art Print
- Strong as Hell #2 Sticker
- BLM Fists Ornament

- Silence Ornament